What many people know to be Crittenton Services’ “Cradle to Crayons” program is now going by “Willow Tree Learning Academy.” 

The program began originally to provide daycare services to their residential population, but over the past few years, they have made the transition into more of a before and after care program and universal pre-k’s with Ohio County Schools.  

Director of Educational Services, Melissa Keylor, says that their main goal in making this change is to give off a more accurate representation of their service. 

E.J. Schodzinski, the Director of Marketing and Development, also says that they have a message behind this rebranding. 

“Because of the label ‘Cradles to Crayons’ you think more of babies. We wanted to change that and give a different image to the community and what our program was all about. Kind of a facelift.” 

Melissa Keylor – Director of Educational Services at Crittenton Services

“We’re here for the community. We know that families are stressed before school, after school, and we’re going to provide a program that’s nurturing, that’s educational, and that helps the children, not only academically, but socially, as well.”  

E.J. Schodzinski – Director of Marketing and Development for Crittenton Services

They also said that this name change came to be because they have not offered childcare services for babies in a while, and they are excited for the community to have a better understanding of what Willow Tree Learning Academy does.