WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — It’s the two A.M. alerts, when someone is scared for their life. It’s the five minutes to make a call while their partner briefly leaves the room. 

Domestic violence is showing its vicious face in the Ohio Valley.  

In the past year, Wheeling’s YWCA has seen a 60 percent increase in people knocking at their door, seeking safety. 

The pandemic is in part to blame but the YWCA wants you to know there are resources for you and they are working to get a new program, called ‘Safe Night’, installed. 

“We are in the process of signing up the YWCA domestic violence program within the Safe Night program. Essentially, if our shelter was to get full, we could log in and ask donors to put money towards putting someone up in a local hotel for a couple of days until we could move them into a shelter.” 

Molly Holden, Family Violence Prevention Program Director at YWCA

If you are in an unsafe situation, you can log onto the app ‘Noonlight’, and at the press of a button, the app will dispatch 911 to your location. 

Or another app, ‘DocuSAFE’ will collect evidence of domestic violence with pin code protection. 

They can be downloaded on any smartphone. 

And if you need shelter, call anytime to the YWCA at 1-800-698-1247.