WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — A drive-through pharmacy is no longer a wish for Wheeling’s Health Right, but a reality in the making. Ground is broken and about to be filled with cement this Friday.

The Contractor, Panhandle, hopes to have the walls up in the coming weeks with an open date set on June.

Patients will be able to pick up their prescriptions at the window and visits will be a lot easier for people with disabilities.

Kathie Brown, Health Right’s Executive Director, was excited to show us the site and says the expansion will be expanding the clinic’s hours.

It will allow us to be open longer hours for pharmacy because we only have to staff the pharmacy. We can have that unlocked. The rest of the clinic can be locked when everybody is gone.

So we’re really excited. We think it will help our patients who are employed. They can leave and still be able to get their meds when it’s done. Very exciting time.

Kathie Brown, Executive Director at Wheeling Health Right:

Health Right is busy seeing 26,000 patients each year, with the pandemic doubling that number (69,000 patients in 2021).

Inside, the conference room is being transformed into a second dental clinic; that should be open by May!

Brown says they will be offering more dental services and it gives more room for WVU dental students to train.