OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — Multiple Ohio County groups are putting their heads together to think outside the box when it comes getting kids to read. 

The Virtual Lions Club started by re-inventing one old Ogden Newspaper vending machine. West Liberty’s Kappa Delta Pi was in the neighborhood, along with Grow Warwood Pride and Parks and Recreation. They all mapped out 60 little libraries!

We’ve been working for about a year and half. We came to a halt pre-pandemic. Now that things are starting to lift again, we’re back out and here at Corpus Christi is the installation of one of our little libraries.

Angela Curfman, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education at WLU

The teachers honor society at West Lib started collecting the books, the Lions Club reached out to local artists to get creative on the boxes, and now Corpus Christi School is the first of many free installations. 

There may be a time when we have to order some supplies but right now it’s been a zero-cost effort.

Matt Rafa, President of Ohio County Virtual Lions Club

This first box was painted by a local artist who once attended Corpus Christi. 

Kids are very excited! Especially when I said there are books in there for parents to read. So, now it’s something for the entire family.

Shannon Wall, Principal at Corpus Christi

This pouring-in of knowledge could even set records for being the most little libraries in a set area. But, that will be a work in progress as 59 are left to be filled with books.

The little libraries committee is look for artists to help paint the boxes. If you’re interested, contact ohiocountyvirtuallions@gmail.com or call (304) 370-4902.