(WTRF) — Former House of Delegates District 3 candidate Dalton Haas, 26, was arrested again and is now facing new felony charges in two counties.

Haas is facing a new felony charge in Ohio County for false pretenses and a new felony charge in Marshall County for fraudulent schemes.

Also, Haas faces new misdemeanor charges in Marshall County on three counts of worthless checks.

According to the Marshall County criminal complaint, Top Flight Security was hired by Hass for a wine festival in Wheeling.

Haas allegedly owed the company for their service after Haas provided three separate checks to the company; they were returned for insufficient funds or frozen and blocked accounts.

Top Flight Security provided an invoice to police that Hass owed a total of $2,176.

In Ohio County, a vendor said they paid Hass $150 to reserve a vendor spot at the Wine Festival, who could not get her money back.

Police say they obtained Haas’ Facebook records, and they identified other vendors who paid Hass $150.00 for a spot at the festival, totaling an amount of $1,050.

Police said they checked with the City Manager’s Office in Wheeling and determined that Hass never applied or obtained a permit for the Wheeling Wine Festival through the City of Wheeling, showing Haas was taking money under false pretenses of the Wine Festival.

Back in August, Haas was picked up on one charge of ‘felony fraudulent scheme’ and was also charged with a misdemeanor for receiving stolen property in Ohio County.

Aside from running for House, Haas is known for his involvement in many community organizations including being named executive director of the Wetzel County Chamber of Commerce.

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