Some strong words tonight from the CEO at WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital. If employees choose not to get the vaccine, they will lose their job.

The news came yesterday that WVU Medicine is requiring all employees to be vaccinated.

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He said they chose the mandate along with hospitals statewide because they must protect their employees, families, and patients.

This comes as another stronger surge in COVID cases hits the area, most of which are unvaccinated individuals.

He said exceptions will only be made for religious and medical reasons, but there are very strict criteria on what qualifies.

“If that’s what they choose, I’ve heard everything.  It’s my body, it’s my choice and that is absolutely correct.  If they choose not to get the vaccine, they will not be employed at WVU Medicine.  We will consider them resigning from their position.” 

Douglass Harrison – WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital CEO 

All WVU Medicine employees will have until October 31st  to be fully vaccinated.