The OVAC Hall of Fame Committee has placed the plaques and artifacts of thousands of famous individuals on the walls of Wesbanco Arena over the years.

Now those committee members have received a plaque of their own.

The entire Hall of Fame Museum was the work of this group.

The executive director of the Greater Wheeling Sports and Entertainment Authority calls them the A-Team.

Denny Magruder says when they started, the arena had only plain gray concrete walls.

He says they turned it into a showplace.

“Not only does it house all these special OVAC artifacts, both from a museum side and Hall of Fame side, but it also houses the Wheeling City Hall of Fame, where so many great city residents and leaders back through the years are represented here,” said Magruder. “On the wall, there’s the old mural from Wheeling High School, which was one of the major high schools in town. There’s just so much history that graces this building.”

Magruder says it’s not only an arena, it’s a museum.

The Hall of Fame Museum contains thousands of items covering generations of athletes, musicians, educators, artists and public servants.

Now the committee will have their own plaque on the wall, and each member was given a replica.

The members are Tom Rataiczak, Doug Huff, Bob Koch, Linda Meyers, Tom Meyers, Dan Doyle, Dr. Bill Welker and the late Ron Mauck.