WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF) – For 15-weeks each year, Health Right patients show up in the parking lot  every Thursday to get their prescription filled, but it’s not a prescription for medicine.

It calls for a weekly box of fruits and vegetables.

Some of these people are on medication. Maybe they’re just not to goal with their diabetes or their cholesterol. So instead of giving them another pill, we give them produce.

Shawn Core, Health Right Clinical Director

The Farmacy program is in its fifth year.

Patients say it’s good medicine.

There’s a lot of good food. It’s healthy food. It helps out, not having to buy it at the store.

Deborah Ruble, Moundsville

Our main goal at the Family Nutrition Program being funded by USDA and SNAP is to increase fruit and vegetable consumption. . 

Molly Poffenbarger, WVU Extension Health Educator

This year, Jebbia’s Market brings the produce and hopes it will be habit-forming, in a good way.

They might start liking certain things and then they’ll be more apt to buy those things, next time they’re in the store.

Joshua Jebbia, Manager

They say many people aren’t familiar with how to prepare fresh fruits and vegetables. So each week they hold a “tasting” and get a recipe.