WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — If you happen to get engaged New Year’s Eve, take Oglebay off the list of places to get married in 2022!  

It’s over 160 weddings for the 2022 season.

More than we’ve ever had up here; it’s crazy. 

Lauren Mitchell, Oglebay Wedding Specialist

Love is in the air, all year long. Wedding Specialist Lauren Mitchell says there is no wedding season. Oglebay is literally hosting a wedding on the first day of 2022 and the guest book vows to stay that packed. 

Thankfully, we have a big team, so we have multiple weddings on different days. But yeah, from January to December we do not stop.

Lauren Mitchell, Oglebay Wedding Specialist

Brides who were pushed from 2020, rushed to the last altar openings in 2021. But you could say many have been holding out the biggest day of their life for post-pandemic times. All of this has culminated into the wedding bells we will hear in Wheeling this coming year. 

Lauren says she started booking brides for 2022 roughly two years ago. 

The band will not be taking a break at the freshly renovated Glessner and West ballrooms. The Kline Wing will start renovations in January, but it should not cross over into any of the weddings. 

And while we have heard of pandemic delays, Oglebay has so far not seen deliveries get cold feet. 

We’re hoping that’s exactly how it is for 2022 as well. No restrictions, no anything. It’s been great.

Lauren Mitchell, Oglebay Wedding Specialist

Wheeling Park, on the other hand, does have a couple openings for weddings.