While most folks think of Thanksgiving as a time to spend with family and friends, for many it’s another workday.

First responders, health care workers and of course those of us in television are sending the day with our second family, our co-workers.

Those of us here at 7News are hard at Work binging you the latest in news weather and sports.

We have a dedicated crew of not only news anchors and reporters but also several behind the scenes workers including producers, directors, videographers and master control operators that are thankful to serve the people of the Ohio Valley.

Police officers, firefighters and health care workers, along with workers at several local businesses also have to spend the holiday with another family, their work family.

The staff at Elm Grove McDonalds’s have been hard at work since early Thursday morning.

They say working Thanksgiving is no problem and they are there to provide the best quality service for their customers.

 Even though it’s Thanksgiving. I’m thankful to be here in the 7 Newsroom . with the talented 7 news bringing the Ohio Valley the most up to date news, sports and weather.  “


 I have so many good memories of Thanksgiving. My Grandmother always made the biggest table full of food and I loved just being there among all of the food and celebration with my family and reading from the Bible and just kind of knowing that the holidays were about to begin and I just kind of carry that feeling, I think through to today” 


“I love working holidays. It gives me time to work with great co-workers. Also leve seeing the customers come through the window see their family and I love bringing joy to the of their holidays , makes me feel special too”

Dylan Kuylpa, Manager. Elm Grove McDonald’s

The Staff 7News and the Staff at McDonald’s want to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving.