WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Bethlehem Apostolic Temple has dedicated their service to honoring local veterans and first responders for their dedication to our community.

This annual service shows gratitude for those who have fought for our country, and who have and continue to risk their own lives to protect our freedoms every day. 

Rev. Darrell Cummings led the program, where several Wheeling and Ohio County first responders sat in the front row as tribute to their community service. 

“We don’t want to just meet them in a crisis. We don’t want to meet them when something horrible is going on – there’s a fire in the house or somebody is dying, or some crime is being committed. We want to meet them when things are going well and just tell them thank you in advance for even choosing this profession, choosing to represent the United States in the military, choosing to represent our community and as a first responder, let them know they are special.”

Rev. Darrell Cummings – Bethlehem Apostolic Temple

The “Honor Our Heroes” service shows appreciation for the peace and safety that first responders grant in our daily lives, but this indebtedness is escalated when many of them double as veterans like Ohio County Chief Deputy, John Schultz, among several others in attendance. 

He says that the sheriff’s office is community partners with the church, and it feels good to be recognized and spend time getting to know everyone. 

”Again, it is nice to be recognized. I mean, we don’t get into this just for the recognition. It is a calling for this type of work, and we just do it because it’s just something we enjoy doing.”

Chief Deputy John Schultz – Ohio County

The first responders in attendance were called up by name to stand before members of the community they serve, for them to say thank you. 

Bethlehem Apostolic Tempe has many events into the Thanksgiving season, so stay with 7News for ways to get involved.