Anyone fighting drug or alcohol addiction has a new place in Wheeling to go to that only opened last month. But it’s not a treatment facility.

What started with just one sober living men’s house back in 2005 has grown. Another one that residents say is life-changing for them is now open.

“It’s to live a sober clean life is just unbelieveable. I open up presents everyday, and it’s my eyes… to see a whole new world.”

donald, Lazarus House resident in recovery

The last two months for Donald is what he calls life-changing.

It’s a relatable story for the 9 other men that will all be living in the same house, while they’re on the road to recovery. Even for Ryan… who’s just moved in to Mark’s House.

“It’s giving me new strength, drive, motivation, I want to be somebody, you know?”

ryan, Mark’s House resident in recovery

Mark’s House in Wheeling is a new home for men recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. It opened just last month.

There’s two others just like it… all taken in by the Youth Services System.

“It’s very important to us that we offer a life-line for people who want to take a different path.”

John Moses, CEO of Youth Services System

“It fulfills my life because it was done for me by somebody else, and I want to pass on the same love.”

Pat Condron, Director of YSS Recovery Homes

Pat Condron says some of those living at the houses like this come from treatment centers, hospitals, counselors, or therapists. Even from the correction system.

There there just to lend them a helping hand.

“The bottom line is you’re loved for where you are and for who you are. As I often here it said in the recovery rooms, let’s love you until you can love yourself.”

Pat Condron, Director of YSS Recovery Homes

Condron says this has given men and women their lives back for the last 15 years. Something that Mary can attest to. 

“Go for your goal. Recovery is the best thing. It’s changed my life for the best.”

mary, former Mary & Martha House resident