OHIO COUNTY W.Va. – (WTRF) As a kid, nothing beats waking up to the news of a snow day. That’s one of the perks of living in the Ohio Valley.  

When winter storms roll around, schools initially must decide whether to have class or to cancel for the day.

With the safety and wellbeing of students, families, and staff on the line, the decision isn’t weighed lightly.  

However, when bad weather arrives, how is that decision made?

Who makes the call whether to close school or not? 

Rick Jones is the Assistant Superintendent for Ohio County Schools.

He says the decision is based on a few factors, but initially comes down to their number one priority, safety.  

It’s easy for me when there is a travel advisory or a wind chill advisory, anything like that where the weather services put out.

If we think there is a really good change that tomorrow we’ll be canceled, we try our best to let everybody know tonight so they can make plans.

Sometimes that means we miss it a little bit because we are being a little aggressive, because we are trying to be sensitive to every family’s needs for daycare and things like that, but that risk is worth it for us.

Rick Jones, Assistant Superintendent for Ohio County Schools

 According to Jones, snow days are not going anyway.

The alternative of remote learning is planned to only be used for long-term schooling.

This is like what many schools utilized during the pandemic.

He says if it’s one or two days off due to weather, they will cancel school and continue operating when there are better weather conditions. 

Don’t worry kids, it looks like you’ll still get a day off here and there.