WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — These may look like tables and tables of burgers, but they’re actually called kibbeh—and there’s love and tradition in every rounded patty.

Our Lady of Lebanon has been recruited to make the dish for Lebanese Festival for the 90th year. The festival is held at Oglebay Park.

And in all that time, the parish has got the assembly line down, with volunteers forming, brushing, baking and packing more than 15 hundred of them.

Generations of families from Lebanon have perfected the mix of meat and seasonings…so perfect that they keep the recipe itself under wraps.

“There’s Lebanese spices along with some fine bulgur wheat. There is ground beef and ground lamb mixed together and it’s cooked in the oven with olive oil on top.
“Any secrets you can share?”
“No. (laughs)”

Liz Murad, Lebanese Festival Committee Chairperson

If you prefer your meat in kebab form, they’ll also have lamb skewers at Sunday’s festival.

They say the mass-scale cooking is inspired not only by tradition, but by the Holy Mother.