WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Another edition of In Wheeling Magazine is out and it features various sports groups that connect us.

According to Publisher David Allinder, the decision to feature Wheeling’s sports teams and groups like the Oglebay Institute School of Dance, and the YMCA Youth Sports Programs, was an easy when when it comes to building people up following COVID.

Wheeling baseball, hockey and tennis are also included in the magazine.

Also, inside, is an article on the Ladies of the Knit.

The magazine reads that the ladies say their knitting group is a sport because they compete with each other and are exhausted after their sessions.

The ladies say they compete on the quantity and quality of the hats they make for the Mary Babb Cancer Center in Morgantown.

He says sports group segment allows people to reconnect after the time they spent apart.

A sports group is great because you build yourself. You build your muscles. You build your immune system. You build your bones. You build your ligaments all sorts of those things, but also while you’re in that group building yourself, you’re also building connections to other people in that group and you can imagine a fabric that everyone of those connections to those group strengthens that fabric. It’s another thread that’s going out to another person and if that fabric gets hit, one person gets hit in that fabric they’re stronger because they have other people pulling for them.

David Allinder, Publisher, In Wheeling Magazine

The next edition of In Wheeling Magazine comes out on November 14th.

Allinder says it features the people behind the scene of Wheeling’s iconic events who make it all happen.

The iconic events include The Christmas Parade, the Celtic Festival, the Greek, Italian and Lebanese festivals.