Guntry, an indoor shooting facility, will open its second location at The Highlands in Ohio County, West Virginia.

Guntry is described as a state-of-the-art indoor shooting and training center that boasts the comforts and amenities of a country club.

Guntry is open to the public, and their mission is to provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere to anyone interested in shooting and personal protection – regardless of previous experience.

“We are extremely excited to welcome Guntry to the Highlands,” commented Randy Warton, president of the Ohio County Development Authority. “Guntry will be a great addition to the Highlands.”

”It adds a lot, especially to the Highlands, because it’s so unique that it will become a regional destination.”

Randy Wharton – Ohio Co. Commissioner, President of Ohio Co. Development Authority

Warton says The Highlands was selected as Guntry’s second national location because of the people.

”It’s always a good thing when you’re when you’ve got something new, something that’s just not the same old thing that’s been around forever and something that really adds a little bit of quality to the people that are going to really enjoy this.”

Randy Wharton – Ohio Co. Commissioner, President of Ohio Co. Development Authority

Everyone from the local, county, and state levels of government has shared our passion and vision for this project and made this area our number one choice as we seek to expand the Guntry brand,” said Rick Landsman, Guntry president.

Guntry said they are geared toward firearms education and gun safety, the club will feature 25-yard lanes and 100-yard lanes. All shooting ranges will be climate-controlled and include industry-leading air handling and ventilation systems. There will also be a a state-of-the-art, 340-degree interactive simulator, and an 80-person training room.

”There’s synergy between everything that’s up here. We have a highlands that brings in 3,000 kids, 4,000 kids on weekends. I’m going to have a laser tag on steroids that these kids would really love to do and their parents as well. I mean, this is going to be high end laser tag.”

Rick Landsman – CEO of Guntry

In addition to being open to the public, The Guntry Club will offer various membership packages at Corporate, VIP, Individual and Household levels. A firearms pro shop will accommodate onsite gun storage and offer new, used and gun transfer sales, in addition to accessories and apparel.

”Just the mere fact that we’re opening a second one already is amazing to me. And we love it. We love the fact that we’re getting training out there to people that desperately need training. I want people not to be afraid of guns, I want people to understand that guns have a purpose and enjoy. It’s a sport, and I think people really will.”

Rick Landsman – CEO of Guntry

“Founded by seasoned law enforcement individuals, Guntry offers training and certification for members of law enforcement,” said Josh Jefferson, President (RED) Regional Economic Development Partnership. “We believe they will become the law enforcement training center for the entire region.”