WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Can you feel the excitement?! This Sunday at 3:05 PM, it’s a game some fans have been waiting 26 years for. But in another year of COVID, will Browns fans get to witness this playoff in person against the Chiefs? 

KC’s Arrowhead Stadium is allowing only up to 17,000 fans. 

This would be the first game post-season that Browns fans could watch in-person and because of the heightened excitement to see their team after two decades make it to the playoffs, some reports say Browns fans are driving the secondary market. 

Uniglobe says restaurants are 50 percent capacity and masks are required in all indoor spots. And right now, traveling by plane is no problem. 

We haven’t gotten any rules like; hey if you have a group of 10 or 15 people going on a flight together, no. Delta is the only airline that is still honoring that middle seat. Everybody else is selling seats all the way across. Now, we’ve had reports of some planes nearly full and some nearly empty.  

Bill Bryson, Uniglobe President

Bryson says the flight to Kansas City might be a little more packed this weekend but the COVID caution comes once you land and head to, say, a bar…. Stay cautious. 

If you do happen to nail down some of these rare tickets, you’ll be witnessing the Browns’ first playoff game since 1995.  

The winner of this game will go to the AFC Championship game.