WHEELING, W.VA (WTRF)– A group of local residents have won the first round of a legal battle to delay a project they say would cause major problems in their neighborhood.

People in the Long Vue Acres area of Wheeling filed a petition to keep traffic from a pipeline project from passing by their homes.

The petition states that Sandcrest , has agreed to allow the pipeline to come through their property. It says however, that Sandcrest, will not allow heavy industrial equipment to access the construction site through site their property. That traffic will be routed through the Long Vue neighborhood.

That’s a situation residents say is not safe.

Earlier today Judge Ronald Wilson granted a temporary injunction prohibiting the trucks and heavy equipment from accessing the site through Long Vue.

Some of the resident along here are elderly, so they are concerned with emergency vehicles getting up here. If something would happen to them, they may be blocked and couldn’t get through timely. Also there are young children that live up here as well that will be walking to their bus stop. There are toddlers that play up here and pet roam freely. So it creates an enormous problem to have that industrial parade interfering with these peoples quite peaceful living.

Joshua Miller
Attorney, Toriseva Law

We reached out to Bishop Klusmeyer of the Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia, who says he is surprised residents took court action. He said he was just notified today.He said he would have liked to sit down and have a conversation.

The Bishop went on to say the Episcopal Diocese and Sandscrest Foundation have been transparent for almost two years of anything that was happening on their property.