WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF)- If you’ve walked downtown– you’ve probably seen a few vacant storefronts; more than you’d probably like.

Well, Wheeling Heritage has a plan to try and fix it– and could use your help.

They’re looking for your creative ideas and want to hear your voice.
You can do so this Friday morning at 8:30.

It’s an interactive workshop where you’ll be able to brainstorm your ideas of what YOU want to see done.

You’ll also walk around around Main and Market street to see the target areas.
The workshop is just the first step of giving Wheeling the makeover it deserves.

We know wheeling has this beautiful historic architecture and when you’re looking at the city kind of zoomed out, it’s really easy to appreciate that. But when you look at an empty building from the pedestrian level from the sidewalk, the only thing you really see is what’s right in front of your face– the storefront. We want to find ways to address the potential in the full building.

Betsy Sweeny, Director of Heritage Programming | Wheeling Heritage

The Workshop is this Friday morning at 8:30.
It’s at Wheeling Heritage, which is on the second floor of the Artisan Center.
It’s all a part of Volunteer Wheeling’s effort to decorate these vacant storefronts.