OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Time is running short for teachers to apply to sign their student teams for the Plant The Moon Challenge.

The application deadline is October 10 for middle and high school teams to enter the NASA-funded project.

Each team receives a kit worth about $500 with the supplies they’ll need, including a container of simulated moon soil.

The goal is to find out what edible plants could grow on the moon for future astronauts to take there. The teams compete, using science, to see who can grow the best crops in simulated lunar conditions.

“The work the students do is really valuable to NASA. And the students’ projects that are submitted for the Plant The Moon Challenge are reviewed by NASA scientists. And last year, one of the winners was working on a potato research project that was very similar to work that NASA was doing.”

Dr. Laurie Ruberg
State Coordinator, Plant The Moon Challenge

Last year, two teams from Ohio County were statewide winners–one team from the Mulholland Juvenile Detention Center and one from Wheeling Middle School.

Teachers say it’s a great way to get kids excited about STEM subjects.

There’s a link to the application on the flyer. To request a flyer, send an email to RLRuberg@gmail.com