WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — The generosity of the Ohio Valley has never been more apparent than it was Tuesday when local groups and individuals rallied to help a charity whose food was allegedly stolen, food that was earmarked for local children.

The House of the Carpenter’s weekend meal partnership with Madison Elementary School appeared to suffer a set back when a delivery from Sam’s Club arrived over the weekend when no one was there.

The delivery was supposed to take place on Monday, but instead arrived on Saturday.
According to House of the Carpenter Executive Director, Dr. Mike Linger, much of the food, including 69 cases of cans of Chef Boyardee was stolen. That left the weekend’s food supply for kids in pre-K through 5th grades in question.

However, that’s when several local churches and individuals stepped up with money and food donations. Several food items were donated and food backpacks were assembled that will be given out to the students.

“The community has been great and this is really an important program. Feeding the kids at Madison has really impacted their ability to come to class, to be able to learn, to be ready to be part of the education process. So this is really important and the community coming together to help us is has been a real gift. The generosity for folks that we have for all of our events and programs, we couldn’t do it without the generosity of the folks in the Ohio Valley.”

Dr. Mike Linger, Executive Director, House of the Carpenter