OHIO COUNTY, W. Va. (WTRF)-Finding a job can be a job in itself, but whether you’re on the market for your dream job or just want a change of pace, don’t forget… WTRF can help. 

Tuesday, May 17th is WTRF’s Ohio Valley Job and Career Fair. 

As always, there are many openings. This time around, there will be 50 different businesses there, so there’s something for everyone.  

“We have local universities, gas and oil industries, restaurants, staffing agencies, coal mines, a little bit of everything.” 

Nick Griffin, Digital Sales Manager at WTRF 

The job fair has a lot to choose from, and many businesses will do on-the -spot interviews. 

Plus, if you’re not sure where to begin, you can get help with the very basics from Career Strategy Consultants. They will be there to help you build a resume. They say keeping it short and organized is key.

Also, remember your resume is your first impression. 

“A good hiring manager, recruiter, or employer will certainly see if there’s some similarities or somewhat of a mutual fit, they will be reaching out to see who are outside of what’s on paper.”


He says 5 to 10% of your resume should describe who you are as a person, and be sure your contact information is correct and up-to-date because that’s a common mistake.  

So, as long as your resume is in order and you swing by, you might just find the job you’ve been looking for. 

“If you’re looking for a job, this is a great opportunity because you’re going to have 50 businesses in the building that are hiring right now. There could be a chance where you go in tomorrow and you walk out with a job.”

Nick Griffin, Digital Sales Manager at WTRF 

Once again, WTRF’s Ohio Valley Job and Career Fair is tomorrow. It’s from 10 to 4 at the Highlands Event Center. You’re encouraged to bring multiple copies of your resume to poetntial employers.