A trial date has been set for a Wheeling man who is accused of murdering a Mozart woman in 2021.

Will Carman is expected to be on trial during the last week of April 2023. Ohio County prosecutors say the trial would take about four days to present to a jury.

Carmen allegedly killed Anorah Schostag in her home on Sept. 17, 2021. He is being charged with first-degree murder, robbery, burglary and gross neglect of a child.

According to a criminal complaint, Amanda Carman told investigators on September 17 that her, husband, Will Carman was inside the house at South Frazier Ave and that she did not see anyone come inside the residence immediately before Anorah Schostag was attacked.

Police say, at this time, Amanda would not identify Will Carman as the attacker but the attacker was wearing a mask.

On September 22, during another interview with Amanda, police say Amanda stated that Will Carman came into the house on South Frazier Ave and pointed a gun to her head, and attempted to force her to help rob Anorah.

Amanda allegedly told police that she did not assist in the robbery but instead would watch Anorah’s child while Will Carman was robbing Anorah.

The criminal complaint says Will Carman was allegedly in the house for several hours and was asleep at one point during the day. Wheeling PD says they spoke to a witness that they received a call while Will Carman was asleep explaining to him what was occurring. Police also say during this time there were no efforts by Amanda to call for help.

Police say according to Amanda, she was in the room with Anorah when she was attacked and she left the room with Anorah’s child, ran downstairs, and out the front door where she allegedly flagged down someone driving down the street and went back inside the house to get her child.

Amanda allegedly told police that she got both kids out of the house and put them in Anorah’s vehicle and drove to a church parking lot to meet with police. However, police say they spoke to a neighbor who said they saw a female pull off the side of the road in a Mercedes, which police say was Anorah’s vehicle. Police say they found the location described by the witness and found three cell phones thrown into weeds.

Police say Amanda Carman amended her statement, and she drove down the hill because she didn’t know if she should go to the police or not. Amanda allegedly pulled over because she wanted to get the kids a drink because it was hot. Police say Amanda denied discarding any cell phones.

Wheeling Police say they recovered a pistol inside the South Frazier residence that was stolen from the Ohio County Sheriff’s Office before the murder of Anorah. Police say the report of the theft of the pistol came back to the subject of Will Carman.

During the September 22 interview, police say Amanda told them that she had to obtain a magazine for a gun in exchange for a cell phone that Will Carman allegedly stole from her. Police say the magazine was purchased at Bridgeport Equipment and the video shows Amanda and William entering the store together without any signs of distress.

Anorah’s brother told police that Amanda was acting strangely during the day of Anorah’s death. According to the complaint the brother stated that Amanda and Anorah were packing things to leave the house but the brother didn’t find anything packed for Anorah’s son. The brother went on to say that Anorah’s son’s stuffed animal ‘Teddy’ was not packed and would be one of the first things Anorah packed for her son. The complaint also said the brother also stated he found money with blood on it in the Mercedes that Amanda drove from the scene,

Police say they also obtained calls from the Northern Regional Jail that were made by William Carman, in one of the calls police say the couple discusses how they can communicate without the police discovering the calls by William using another inmate’s PIN and her changing her phone number.

Police say during the same call, Amanda told William that she told police there was another person in the house and the attacker was wearing a mask. Police say William was very happy to hear that and tells Amanda how much he loves her.

William allegedly told Amanda that you can tell ‘these clowns’ anything when it comes time for the trial they can not make you testify. Police say Amanda agrees and that if they got a divorce in October that would have not been the case.

7News received the information from a criminal complaint from Magistrate Court.