WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Music lovers, listen up! The Wheeling Symphony is a classic to many in the Valley, but after all these years of performing inside the Capitol Music Hall, the Orchestra is performing “On the Go” quite literally​

Now you can also hear them outside the doors of the Capitol Music Hall. They can perform anywhere for the “On the Go” Series they do. They go to restaurants, parks, churches, even inside record stores, breweries, and museums.  

“The idea behind it was to find a way for our musicians to number one: Get out of the Capitol Music and get to where it might be easier for some people to come and see them.” 

Betsy Delk, Wheeling Symphony Orchestra

The venue is different each time and the music selection usually goes hand-in-hand with the environment.

“Every time we have a WSO ‘On the Go’ performance, you can expect to hear a pretty good variety of music.”

Betsy Delk, Wheeling Symphony Orchestra

While each performance is unique from the last, the performances are always intimate and personal. That’s because sometimes a trio is playing or there may be a small group of four or five musicians. 

“People are usually closer to the musicians, and very often, there’s an opportunity after the performance to talk to the musicians and interact with them.”  

Betsy Delk, Wheeling Symphony Orchestra

Aside from the WSO “On the Go” Series is a spin off called “On the Go Yoga”. And just like it sounds… a yoga instructor takes you through a series of practices, while a musician performs. 

This time, it’s violinist Juan Jaramillo’s turn to perform. 

‘Doing this Yoga class to me is something completely unexpected. Something completely different than I’ve ever done before. ” 

Violinist Juan Jaramillo

Just like the “On the Go” series, it’s unique, and Jaramillo encourages everyone to give it a try. 

“What I would I like to add is encourage people to give it a try. Do not go with a pre-conceived notion of what’s going to happen and how it’s supposed to be, and you might be surprised. You might like it.”  

Violinist Juan Jaramillo

The next WSO “On the Go Yoga” series is May 14. It’s at the Scottish Rite Building in the ballroom at 9 a.m. And just like the “On the Go” series, it’s free and open to the public.