Wheeling, W. Va. (WTRF) – First there was Sun Records in Memphis, then Motown in Detroit—now Wheeling has its very own record label.

Nail City Record is almost ready to help local artists launch their musical dreams not just online—
but on physical formats like vinyl.

Ever since they became the go-to store for Ohio Valley audiophiles a few years ago, they say they’ve wanted to branch into releasing albums.

“It’s been part of our business plan to open the in-house label since we opened.”

Jonathan Napier, Nail City Record

But it took a band from the other side of the world to set their plans in motion.

The Australian group King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard started releasing their music open source, meaning anyone could put it out on record if they wanted to.

So Nail City collaborated with Pittsburgh label Lunaris to create an exclusive version of one of their records.

They say they wanted a few years of business know-how before starting that kind of partnership.

“We just had to get a grasp on how to and who we needed to go through to get the best possible product, a good quality product to the market.”

Jonathan Napier, Nail City Record

And now they’re preparing to go it alone with another album by King Gizzard.

Europe 19 will be a three-disc set on purple vinyl, with tracks from the band’s European tour.

And they’re just getting started—-they’re in talks to sign some regional acts to give the label a Friendly City feel.

“We’ll have sponsored artists that we give a platform to and really help promote them.”

Jonathan Napier, Nail City Record

They aren’t ready to reveal just who will be on their roster yet, but they say to watch their Facebook page to see when you can spin some new wax with some Wheeling flavor.

They’re still taking pre-orders for “Europe 19” from their store in the McLain Building on 12th Street—or you can head to their website Nailcityrecord.com.