NAMI Greater Wheeling grant to help us through the isolation of 2022

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Wheeling, W.Va. (WTRF) – The isolation of an empty room.

The anxiety that creeps in when we close our eyes and fall asleep at night.

The despair that comes on suddenly during an everyday task.

For many of us, modern life is an everyday struggle with these feelings, which have only intensified as our society shuts down its normal traditions.

But a committed group in Wheeling is better prepared than ever to pull us out of our darkest moments.

It’s a time of unknown and uncertainty, we don’t feel like we have control over what’s going on, and so that causes a lot of additional worries and fears.

Julie Gomez, Executive Director, NAMI Greater Wheeling

Julie Gomez is the executive director of NAMI Greater Wheeling, who was just given a $5,000 grant from the Erie Insurance Company.

It will go toward letting college students know they don’t have to suffer silently, through an unusual article of clothing.

Throughout West Virginia, they plan to hand out green bandanas on campus with crisis information on the inside.

So that way they can look out for themselves as well as their friends and know that they can access help early to be able to support their mental health.

Julie Gomez, Executive Director, NAMI Greater Wheeling

Gomez says the biggest misunderstanding she sees among students is that there’s no help for them, that no one else has experienced their daily challenges.

But they have—and many of them walk through the doors of their offices at 1035 Chapline St.

Adults can drop in there Monday through Friday to do art projects, go out into the city together and face down life’s hardships together.

Don’t ignore it, don’t think it will go away or get better on its own, but definitely reach out and access those resources because they are available and they can help people.

Julie Gomez, Executive Director, NAMI Greater Wheeling

Between the freezing weather and the canceled events, it may feel like a season of depression is just setting in.

But just remember that you always have a support group, made up of people who don’t even know your name yet—and the winter gloom is no match for a smile and a listening ear.

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