On January 19, we pause to recognize the snack that can taste like whatever it’s paired with, whether it’s caramel, jalapeno cheddar or the traditional butter and salt.

On Market Plaza in Wheeling, Mmm Popcorn was doing a brisk business as people were coming in to stock up and celebrate.

“We are here from Elmhurst to pick up popcorn for our residents,” said Samantha Kestner, activities director at Elmhurst. “And we want them to be able to pick their favorite flavor so we can come back later.”

“I think it’s like the original comfort food,” said David McFarland, owner of Mmm Popcorn. “From its early days the Aztecs or whoever started doing popcorn, it was a celebratory thing. And then it got to the movie theater and so it was kind of comfort food.”

Mmm Popcorn has been open on Market Plaza for nearly seven years.

Microwave popcorn was created in 1945.

But popcorn kernels have been found in archaeological sites dating back five thousand years.