WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — No one matched all six numbers in Friday’s Mega Millions drawing–with $940 million dollars at stake.

That means tonight’s jackpot is now an estimated one-point-one billion dollars.

That’s $568 million dollars in the cash option.

If someone wins at that amount–it would be the third largest jackpot in Mega Millions history, and the Ohio Valley may just have winner.

“I want to win that one-point-one and the six thirty or whatever it is. Both of them. I’ve been probably buying these tickets for 40 years, waiting for the big one to come in. It’s like those fish. I never catch them.”

Larry Iverson – Mega Millions Ticket Buyer

“Oh we’ve had a lot of foot traffic and as you can hear, our drive-thru hasn’t stopped. Some people come in and they want, you know, $300 worth of tickets and we have to stand there and print them all out, so we’ve had a couple technical issues today, but other than that it’s gone pretty smooth.”

Maria Miller – Owner/Operator, Neely’s Grocery

Make sure to catch the drawing tonight at 11 on WTRF CBS.