WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Ohio County families who need extra help will get it through a new program. 

The Ohio County Family Resource Network recently received a new grant through the state of West Virginia that has allowed them to start a new program. 

The Family Support Center Grant is a grant that has allowed the Family Resource Network to help families that might be experiencing a time of crisis. 

The program allows the resource network to provide struggling families with resources and support to help them avoid difficult situations.

The director of the program, Colleen Dorsey who spoke at the Wheeling Rotary today, shared what the goal of the support program is. 

”To reach out and wrap around families that are potentially in a point of crisis to give them the support. So, you know, they don’t end up in a in a difficult situation or a desperate situation. And the ultimate goal of this is to make healthier, stronger families in Ohio County.”

Colleen Dorsey – Family Support Center Program Director

Dorsey said another goal of the program is to provide families in Ohio County opportunities that might not be available without the grant.