It’s an intersection in Wheeling where suddenly many drivers seem to be ignoring the Yield sign.

As you enter Wheeling from Ohio or from the Island, once you go through the Wheeling Tunnel, you have to take the Route 250 connector while I-70 east is shut down.

And then the eastbound traffic has to yield to the westbound drivers as they both merge onto Route 250.

But after that overhead ramp was reconstructed, the concrete barrier wall is higher, and eastbound drivers have a hard time seeing the oncoming traffic they must yield to.

It has thrown a scare into many westbound drivers on the ramp.

“If you come up to the Yield sign and look where the Yield sign is, you just can’t see,” explained Tony Clark, WV DOH District Engineer. “Especially if it’s a sedan or a lower car, you may not be able to see it as well as you should, and you may not realize there’s something oncoming. So if you yield literally at the yield sign, and then proceed as if you yielded to traffic, you may not see the traffic coming.”

Clark says there have been no crashes there, to his knowledge, but there have been a lot of close calls where drivers are shocked to discover they’re traveling side by side, sharing one lane.

He says the Department of Highways is going to re-evaluate that intersection to see if they need to make some changes, such as adding other traffic control devices there.