WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – The best news comes when you least expect it, especially when it’s about college.

My parents were texting me at the start of fifth period, so that’s how I found out about it.

Rocco DiGiandomenico, Wheeling Park Freshman, ‘Do It for Babydog’ Winner

Rocco DiGiandomenico and his family were at a loss for words when discussing his full ride to the college of his choice in West Virginia.

He’s one of the five weekly winners of the ‘Do It for Babydog Round 2’ sweepstakes, which just started this week to boost the state’s vaccination rate.

Some of the other prizes include a sports car, ATVs, and free gas for a decade, but none of them have the life-changing impact of tuition being swept off the table.

This was a huge relief this morning.

Kristen DiGiandomenico, Rocco’s Mom

His mom Kristen said she’s in just as much disbelief as Rocco.

She told 7News the family had been saving for Rocco and his sister’s higher education and were looking at the Promise Scholarship as an option.

With the luck of the draw it’s no longer a concern.

To say we’re elated and over the moon is an understatement.

Kristen DiGiandomenico, Rocco’s Mom

It came as much a surprise to her as it did to her son. She only signed up recently, after the family had all finished their vaccinations. Kristen said she didn’t get a call from the state. She only heard about it secondhand through a friend.

Last year, we bought a new house, and our realtor called me and I wasn’t able to take her phone call. And she texted me a few minutes later and said, ‘Congratulations on Rocco winning the scholarship’ and at this point I still don’t know what she’s talking about.

Kristen DiGiandomenico, Rocco’s Mom

Rocco said he’s interested in learning the electrician trade.

His mom said he wasn’t necessarily thinking about a four-year institution, but now he’s got more than a few options to consider, all thanks to a couple of shots.

When I signed up, I didn’t think it was a possibility.

Rocco DiGiandomenico, Wheeling Park Freshman, ‘Do It for Babydog’ Winner