UPDATE: The West Virginia National Guard will be sending team members to Ohio County following the storm damage. The story on the National Guard coming to Ohio County can be found here.

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice spoke about the storm damage that happened in Ohio County and the Northern Panhandle during his media briefing on Wednesday and when asked about a state of emergency for Ohio County and the surrounding areas the Governor said anything within his power he is willing to do.

‘If it means recommending or issuing whatever it may be. Some kind of Emergency Management Program to help those counties or cities, I’m going to do it. We’re working it in every way that I know we know can possibly work it and I conquer that if it’s in my power I’m doing it. I don’t know how I can be more point-blank than just that,’ Gov. Justice.

During the briefing, no state of emergency was declared anywhere in the Northern Panhandle.

The Governor said if any citizens are having issues to contact your County Emergency Manager and ‘we’ll go from there.’

‘We have to run to the fire when we have issues,’ said Gov. Justice. He added, ‘we’re going to put all our resources we have in to take care of these folks.’

Ohio EMA director Lou Vargo said  “We’ve declared a state of emergency in the city and we’re working with the Ohio County Commission to declare a state of emergency here in the county,” on Tuesday.