WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF)–One local health facility has big plans for the City of Wheeling, but they need a chunk of city land to move forward with their project.  

Northwood Health Systems plan to house a large portion of the homeless population in east Wheeling.

The proposed location sits on the west end of 19th Street, west of Jacob Street.  

This land is a vacant lot owned by the City of Wheeling.  

Northwood Heath System presented the idea to the City Council at their latest meeting, in hopes they would support the project and provide them with the property.  

Mark Games, president and CEO of Northwood Health Systems says this village would not only help the homeless population, but it would also benefit the city as a whole.  

There are 100 or more people that are homeless here in Wheeling and for various reasons can’t make use of your typical homeless shelter…The site will be managed 24 hours a day by House of Hagar it will be a fenced and gated community and so people will have to check in whenever they come into the to the program and then there will be someone here managing the day-to-day activities.

Mark Games, President/CEO Northwood Health Systems  

He says there are already about 1,800 pallet shelters in the US, creating 63 villages across ten states. 

The shelters have heating, AC units, power outlets, a bed and more.  

Games say an individual could stay anywhere from a few nights to 6 months or more. 

And he says this location in Wheeling is so important because it’s within walking distance to many other resources like Catholic Charities, Soup Kitchen Greater Wheeling and Northwood Health Systems.  

The initial setup is estimated to cost a total of $346,500 dollars with an annual ongoing utility cost of $55,500 dollars.  

Northwood would cover all fees with the help of donations from other organizations.