Ohio County distributor responsible for sending protection to all W.Va. polls

Ohio County

Will you be heading to the polls?

Triadelphia, W.Va. (WTRF) – West Virginia Secretary of State, Mac Warner, paid a visit to an Ohio County distributing company to make polls across the Mountain State as safe as possible come voting day June 9th.

We’re going to have a clean election.

Mac Warner, Secretary of State of West Virginia

Liberty Distributors in Triadelphia assures all 55 counties will have the hard-to-get PPE, by the end of next week.

I very much appreciate Secretary Warner trusting us to do it. We won’t let him down. It will be done. We’ll get it all there and hopefully the election will go off without any problems.

Mark Peluchette, President of Liberty Distributors

Liberty Distributors is known to supply the state with all janitor and paper. But with such a high national demand, was it hard to find all 1,000 cases of sanitizer, 100 boxes of gloves, 75 boxes of shields, and 255 cases of masks?

Products are very difficult to get right now. Particularly gloves, and masks. PPE is very difficult to get.

Mark Peluchette, President of Liberty Distributors

With older folks known to work at the polls, this protection isn’t just for voters.

Quite a bit of concern originally, but the clerks are assuring me across the state that they have a pretty good shape on the poll workers, but you never know what’s going to happen. In the state of Florida, 9,000 poll-workers didn’t show up on election day. That’s where the clerks would love to have some people on the waiting list.

Mac Warner, Secretary of State of West Virginia

But with in-person polling pressing on during a pandemic, will this hinder West Virginia’s voter turnout?

191,000 names have been taken off, and we’ve put on 180,000 live new live voters. We know they’re alive, we’ve been around to the households. And so, if those people show up, we may actually have an increased turnout. But, it all remains to be seen. I think the Coronavirus is going to have a major play in this. If it starts to rise back up, then people may not want to go to the polls and vote.

Mac Warner, Secretary of State of West Virginia

The pushed-back election has bought time to put in the proper precautions; allowing Liberty Distributors to get all the way to the Eastern Panhandle.

I think there will be plenty, I think there will be some leftover for the general election in November if need be. I think that’s kind of the plan.

Mark Peluchette, President of Liberty Distributors

It will be up to county clerks come voting day, if they see a serge of COVID cases, to hold-off on in-person voting, but the civic duty remains.

Three of our five supreme court justices will be decided on June 9th. There’s no runoff, there’s no general election for that. So, I’m just encouraging people to vote. Use one of those options that they have, but I’m not pushing one over the other.

Mac Warner, Secretary of State of West Virginia

Because of the heavy reminder to vote absentee, they may actually see a better voter turnout this year than before. But, we’ll have to wait & see.

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