Our local area is under a flood warning through Saturday morning.

Areal Flood Warning for portions of Ohio and West Virginia

At the Ohio County EMA, they want people to be prepared for a number of possibilities.

D.K. Wright was in Wheeling where she took some words of advice from the Ohio County EMA director.

Lou Vargo has been watching the radar all day

He says we’re looking at the possibility of an inch and a half of rain…from this evening through tomorrow.
He says that’s a lot, AND it’s coming at the end of several weeks of rain, so the ground is saturated.

He says people who live along the creeks know the drill.

But people out driving need to be acutely aware of water covering the roads.

“If you’re driving and you come across moving water, use the old acronym, Turn Around Don’t Drown. Because it doesn’t take a lot of water, just several inches can actually move your car and that’s how tragedy really happens. We just saw that last week in Braxton County where in flash flooding conditions we lost three, a first responder and two other people. So it’s essential if people see moving water, just to stay out of it.”

Lou Vargo, Ohio County EMA Director

Lou Vargo says if you live along a creek, keep an eye on the water level. Stay tuned to local media. Right now there are no emergency shelters set up.

But if you see flash flooding, call 911, and they’ll get first responders out to help.

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