WHEELING W.Va. (WTRF) –Serious, unexpected and dangerous. Emergency situations are never planned, so having an experienced and trained emergency response team can be make or break.  

WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital partnered with the Wheeling Fire Department and Ohio County EMA for critical emergency training.  

In case of mass decontamination, each of these emergency teams will have to quickly work together. 

John Sebring is the director of safety emergency management at WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital.  

He says training alongside one another is efficient and realistically simulates the team it takes in these situations. 

Because of our risk level, state highways, industrial work in our area, we need to be trained in mass decontamination coming through our emergency department. We set up their three-tier mass de-con system that brings patients from the scene into the emergency department.

Once they’re on our EMS doc and have initial decontamination then it goes to our secondary de-con, which is our emergency department staff. They are suited, they perform secondary de-con. So, the patients are safe without threat.

John Sebring, director of safety emergency management, WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital 

They use real people as test patients and fully gear up as if an emergency were actually happening.  

This de-con training allows them to breakdown each step, familiarize themselves with the equipment, and ask questions along the way. 

Sebring says it is critical they take the time necessary to practice these skills because you never know when tragedy will strike.