WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF) – After the Uvalde tragedy back in May, Assistant Superintendent, Rick Jones, knew that the evaluation of the safety measures and procedures at Ohio County Schools was necessary.  

Students have returned for the first day of this school year, and the administration is feeling confident that it will be a good one. 

After assessing the existing measures in all buildings of the district, such as cameras, walkie-talkies, and IDs, Ohio County Schools will work alongside Prevention Resource Officers to make any updates necessary. 

They have also taken a long look at their everyday processes, like fire drills and code reds. 

Jones presented bringing in a Cleveland area safety expert to the school board for even further confirmation, and both he and first-year principal of Triadelphia Middle School, Andy Seals, want to assure parents that things are going smoothly. 

“Well, so far so good. All teachers are carrying walkies with them, so we can communicate much easier inside the building. We are doing door checks outside at least three times a day, and teachers are communicating any issues with students not being in their classrooms, so it’s gone very well so far.”

Andy Seals, Principal, Triadelphia Middle School  

“Most of our principals and administrators have children in the schools, so we are just as concerned about school safety as everybody. So, I want them to feel the same security and peace of mind that I do, so I can tell them that we have a lot of people that work really hard to make sure that we put ourselves in the best possible position to mitigate any possible damage that could be done regarding school safety.”

Rick Jones, Assistant Superintendent, Ohio County Schools  

Principal Seals also mentioned the school’s new E-Hall Pass system, where teachers and administrators are able to have tabs on which students are in the hallway and where they should be going at all times as a way of taking a step-up concerning safety.