WHEELING, W.Va. — (WTRF) All week long, 7News, has been sharing stories about Dr. Dave following his announcement this week that he would be retiring today, Friday, Sept. 24.

Viewers in the Ohio Valley have been commenting on WTRF’s Facebook page about this long-time weatherman who will truly be missed.

The Ohio Valley has known 7News Chief Meteorologist, Dr. Dave Walker for years now and loves him dearly.

He has certainly left an impression on those in this community.

An impression that will certainly last a lifetime.

This weathercenter has been Doc’s home away from home, a place where he could take his knowledge of weather forecasting and bring it to you right in the comfort of your own home.

Many viewers reached out to us this week to share their stories about a man they revere.

When they first heard the news he was retiring, they responded.

“Wishing you and your family a wonderful Retirement! As you ride off into the sunset and take our love and blessings with you! Enjoy that time you will now call your own! Thanks for everything and see you later our Friend!”

Robin Gump, 7News Viewer

Lots of GIF’S from loyal viewers like, Congratulations, “So Happy For You!”

“Happy Retirement” sent from Karen Williamson, who wrote,

“We’ll miss you Dr. Dave.”

Karen Williamson, 7News Viewer

“Congratulations, Barnesville, Ohio will miss you.”

Mel Gallagher, 7News Viewer

Gallagher added a fist pump and a muscle flex emoji.

“We will miss you. Enjoy Mexico!”

Deborah Stephens, 7News Viewer

“Congratulations, you will be missed, but I wish you the best with the next chapter in life.”

Erma Simpkins-Connor, 7News Viewer

How about the message from Teddy Bodnar that read,

“You were my favorite weatherman. You will be missed. Enjoy your retirement Doctor Dave.”

Teddy Bodnar, 7News Viewer

And just this week one of his biggest and youngest fans wished him well on his retirement.

Nico and Dr. Dave

Nico first met Doc when we was two.

This huge fan tuned in to see his favorite weatherman on TV, and according to his mom, would then say, “Working For You.”

Even the local pets are Dr. Dave fans and will miss him.

Viewer Barb Calmbacher’s poodle, Rosa, had a special message for Dr. Dave.

Doctor Dave, the Ohio Valley congratulates you on your retirement.

You have always been, “Working For Us,” but now it is time for us to say farewell so you can start your tomorrow, “Retiring For You And Lulu.”