WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF)- Before determining the threat on West Virginia Northern Community college was just a false alarm, Wheeling police used one of its own to scour the premises.

Their K-9 unit, trained to respond to threats hit the scene immediately, to make sure there wasn’t a bomb on campus or in cars nearby.

Ozzy is capable of detecting explosive devices hidden in cars, luggage, or any kind of shortage space. That includes sniffing for firearms, ammunition, and shell casings. He can also find a weapon that has a human scent on it.

Luckily, Ozzy found no sign of an explosive device on campus yesterday, and Wheeling PD’s K-9 Unit Leader Jason Martin says he can always trust Ozzy’s instincts.

“The use of the K-9’s in any function.. their sense of smell are a thousand times stronger than yours and mine. That’s why we use dogs in police force and the military and private security because they can detect things that you and I cannot, even machines have not been able to catch up with the ability yet.”

Wheeling PD’s K-9 Unit Leader Jason Martin

Martin says his K-9 dog has responded to several bomb threats through the years, but he never found an actual explosive device in those situations.