WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — It’s just in time for the giving season. We’re not even a week away from Thanksgiving, and over a thousand locals are all stock up, thanks to a food giveaway.

Where there’s a parking lot filling up with cars, one community is stepping it up… all here for the Thanksgiving Food Basket Giveaway.

“It feels amazing. It feels our hearts with joy, and it’s nice to be able to give back in some way, to pay it forward a little bit.”

Angie Powers, volunteer

It’s a first for Angie Powers. But she isn’t alone in all this, while there’s community members, church members, the fire and sheriff’s departments, volunteer firemen, and even politicians all taking a part.

The Bethlehem Apostolic Temple is leading this group.

“We have volunteers who are, during this pandemic, are risking their lives to help other people save their lives.”

Darrell Cummings, pastor of the Bethlehem Apostolic Temple

Just something they’ve done for decades, but it hasn’t ever been quite like this year.

“It’s definitely the hardest one we’ve had to do… hardest to raise money for, hardest to get the food.”

Darrell Cummings, pastor of the Bethlehem Apostolic Temple

Normally people would walk inside and pick the foods they want, but it’s all drive-thru this time, while the volunteers carry food out to them.

“This is a lot harder than normal, but these volunteers are really angels that they’re helping other people.”

Darrell Cummings, pastor of the Bethlehem Apostolic Temple

Organizers say they’re going until they run out. They’re giving things like turkey, corn, green beans, fruit, and pies away.

The event started at 11 this morning, but organizers say cars were pulling up as early as 6. All of them couldn’t be anymore grateful to all this.

“It means a lot cuz in tough times you don’t have the opportunity to have someone like they’re doing to help you out.”

Angela Smoot, attendee

“We really appreciate it, especially this time of year.”

David Cole, attendee