WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Well folks, at long last All Hallows’ Eve is upon us, and the kids will be out and about trick or treating and there are a few things that parents and drivers can do to make sure everyone has a good time tonight.

Officials with Wheeling Police tell us to be extra cautious behind the wheel tonight with all of the kids walking around. Many are wearing dark costumes, so stay alert to make sure you don’t hit anyone.

As for parents, if your child does have a dark costume, consider adding a piece of reflective material to make it easier for drivers to see.

Sergeant Rob Safreed with Wheeling Police has more tips for motorists.

“Hallowen is a night where there is a lot of foot traffic, a lot more than normal and most of that is children. So if you’re a driver just be aware. A lot of the costumes are dark in color, drive slower than normal, if you can avoid residential areas I would do that. But just be mindful of all the foot traffic that is out.”

Sgt. Rob Safreed, Wheeling Police Department

For the kids, never go into a stranger’s home to get your candy. Parents are also encouraged to check the candy their kids bring home. Discard open packages, or anything else that looks potentially unsafe.

If you do come across anything suspicious, you can report that to police.