WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Next time you walk into a Wheeling store, check the front window…you may see a little more color.

Many have put up a rainbow Suspension Bridge thanks to a new effort from the Friendlier City Project.

The sticker was designed as a way for businesses to signal support for their LGBTQ customers.

The group has worked to find partners in their mission since last year, something the sticker’s designer Mikaya Green says is starting to pay off.

The Suspension Bridge is kind of the staple of Wheeling, so we were like, ‘ok, let’s make a rainbow Suspension Bridge for the LGBTQ community,’ and then now when you see that on the window, you know that you’re welcome there.

Mikaya Green, designed Pride sticker

One of our goals here at Wheeling Heritage is to allow people to tell their stories. And with partnering with the Friendlier City Project, we’re inviting everyone, no matter who they are, to come in and know that they’re comfortable and welcome here at Wheeling Heritage.

Cassie Minder, Communications and Development Manager, Wheeling Heritage

The Friendlier City Project says they have more events planned before Pride Month ends next week.