OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — Cyber Monday is the day when more people than ever purchase items online.

But there are two parts to the equation—the ordering and the delivery.

The second part can be the problem.

Porch pirates circle neighborhoods like sharks.

The opportunity—when they see it—is sometimes just too tempting to resist.

They don’t know what’s inside that package.

But it could be something they could sell or trade.

Ohio County Sheriff Tom Howard says your merchandise can be gone before you get home from work.

“Check for packages,” Sheriff Howard cautioned. “Don’t let them sit on your porch for days. If you’re going to be gone, get a trusted neighbor or maybe a family member to check and make sure that packages aren’t sitting on your porch for a day or two. Thieves don’t care what it is. They’ll try to grab it.”

The sheriff says some delivery people are good about putting the package behind something so it can’t be seen by anyone passing by.

But he says others just throw the package randomly onto the porch or even in the front yard, when it can be seen easily and stolen.