Sheriff: Tell your kids about guns

Ohio County

Toddlers put their hands on everything… But one thing you definitely don't want them picking up is the bright, shiny gun.

OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — With people stuck inside their homes more than they like, 2020 saw a scary influx of accidental shootings. And in our area, one sheriff is making sure the Ohio Valley does not face similar tragedies.

Ohio County Sheriff Tom Howard says gun safety goes beyond the owner’s hands. The first misstep is having guns in reach.

The sheriff says a loose gun is dangerous. Always have your firearms locked up, for everyone’s safety, not just the kids.

But when it comes to kids, curiosity is the culprit, and education is the saving grace. In this case ignorance is not bliss. If your kid doesn’t know what a gun is, it might be time to make them aware… even if you don’t keep one in your home.

I have children, and they have been taught from a young age, they know better; they will not touch it (his gun). They’re older now, but they knew from the time they were young; they never touched a weapon.

And same thing, even if it’s out of your own home, you want them to know to not pick on up.

Sheriff Tom Howard, Ohio County

The sheriff says if you have a weapon in the house, put a trigger lock on it. It’s an extra step of protection that could save lives.

When your kid is visiting another house, it might be likely to assume a gun is in the home. West Virginia ranks in the top ten states for gun ownership across the country.

So as a lot of us stay locked up in the house thanks to pandemic precautions, make sure that gun is locked up too.

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