Ohio County, W.Va. (WTRF) – In just two weeks, three people have been killed in separate accidents in the same construction zone on I-70.

The sheriff’s office wants to avoid any more tragedy—and is pleading with drivers to slow down and look up.

The state line between West Virginia and Pennsylvania is down to one lane in both directions on I-70.

That means traffic is often at a near stop—which creates a dangerous situation if drivers are going fast and aren’t paying attention.

The department is also warning about the small rolls on the hills, which make it difficult for drivers to see stopped traffic until they’re very close.

Sheriff Tom Howard’s third piece of advice for drivers is one that might not be at the top of your mind: keep unsecured objects out of your back seats.

Loose objects in your vehicle. Very dangerous. So make sure everything is secure, the smallest thing can cause major injuries in a crash, in a sudden stop crash. So beware of that. If belongings happen to move while you’re driving, leave them move, leave them be.”

Sheriff Tom Howard, Ohio County

Sheriff Howard says you’ll now see two police cruisers in the construction zone to make sure that we’re all watching our speed.

He says it’s best to find an alternate route around I-70 if possible, since the work is expected to last a couple of years.