Even before Damar Hamlin’s high profile cardiac arrest on the football field, the Ohio County Commission approved the purchase of 16 AEDs, so that every ballfield in the Mountaineer League would have one.

Training sessions are already scheduled for every coach in the league.

The goal is to get all the AED kits installed and every coach trained and able to use them before practice starts in two months.

“We are doing this for the kids, but there’s going to be parents, grandparents, coaches, aunts and uncles there,” said Lou Vargo, Ohio County EMA director. “So if there’s a cardiac emergency at any of our ballfields in the City of Wheeling or Ohio County, those AEDs will not only be there available to them, but we’ll have staff, coaches and people there who can actually administer CPR and activate the AED.”

Boys’ baseball and girls’ softball teams are already having sign-ups.

The AED kits include both pediatric and adult-size defibrillator pads.

The kits are locked, but can be opened without a key in case of emergency.

But when opened without the key, the box will emit a siren, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to steal one!