WEST LIBERTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – We all know which three digits to hit on the phone when someone around us is in danger, but as fast as 911 and first responders are, they’ll never react as quickly as you can.

In an overdose situation, there’s no time to wait for a professional.

That’s why a ONEbox is available 24-hours a day if students or staff find themselves in that heart-wrenching situation.

It’s a purple container installed next to the Health Services office containing Naloxone, a CPR kit and an automatic step-by-step video on reviving an overdose patient.

While campus police have carried Naloxone for some time, it’s the first time the rest of the community has access to it.

You open it up and it’s a very brief, short explanation of how to use the Narcan. So we always want students to know that this is here if they see someone in need. And if somebody is actually not suffering from an opioid overdose, this will not hurt them.

Christy Bennington, Director of Student Health Services, West Liberty University

The school itself has never had a problem with overdoses.

But the epidemic has made clear that it will strike the most unlikely places—and officials say the ONEbox is all about preparation.