WHEELING, W.Va.- (WTRF) This has been an annual spectacular event for years now, 28 years to be exact.

The Super Six is more than just football.

It is about the fans and how much fun they have with family and friends and especially about the team they favor.

Fairmont Senior High Head Cheerleading Coach Nathy Janes traveled more than two hours for Friday night’s game.

Fairmont Senior High School and Independence High School laid it all on the line in this AA State Championship Game.

“Everything we do, we do a 100 and 10 percent. This school, this team, I’ve known the head football coach since he was a little boy. My cheerleaders mean everything to me. We just want to support this team.”

Nathy Janes, Fairmont Senior High Head Cheerleading Coach

Senior Cheerleaders Gracie Lamb and Alexa Wilson say this is the second time around for them when it comes to a state championship game.

“Our freshman year we were here at the Island and we were the 2018 state champions and to finish our senior year coming back on the Island, going for the same shot. It’s an incredible experience and has been a privilege to cheer these boys on. They’re a talented group of boys and even better kids in school and better kids in the community.”

Gracie Lamb, Fairmont Senior

“I’ve known some of these kids since I was in kindergarten so it’s really about family. They’re family in and out. We’re family to them and it’s beautiful to watch, to see them grow up.”

Alexa Wilson, Fairmont Senior

Friends and Independence High School alumni Dustin Workman, Isaac Atkins, Jackson Trump and Tanner Vest all make the trek from Beckley to support their team.

“It’s really just great to see somebody from our city, somebody from where we are, from there make it here. It’s a huge fight to see somebody go this far and go all the way. It’s such an amazing accomplishment for even our county.”

Jackson Trump, Independence Alumnus

“These type of things don’t really happen in our area to make it all the way to the championship. So it means a lot for us to be here, to cheer them on. Hopefully they come out with a win.”

Dustin Workman, Independence Alumnus

Whether you were dressed in red or dressed in blue, there was one thing in common at this Super Six showdown, all of these fans were here with plenty of pride and a whole lot of heart.

“Bring it back to the city.”

Jackson Trump, Independence Alumnus

The Polar Bears beat the Patriots 21 to 12.