WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – The Mountaineer Brewfest is pouring out more than just good beers at their festival. 

Over the last eight years, the Mountaineer Brewfest has donated $166,000 to various charities throughout the Ohio Valley and this year is no different. 

Out of 15 charities that applied this year, the charity they have selected for 2023 is Family Service – Upper Ohio Valley to donate their highest amount raised to date, which is $45,000. 

CEO, Paula L. Calvert says that this money will go directly to their ‘Meals On Wheels’ program. 

”It’s going back to provide meals and that’s a basic need. And a lot of the time people, you know, ask, you know, what are we having for lunch? A lot of people in our in our program, this is all they get and it’s that kind of impact of knowing that ‘I don’t have to stress.’ That I can say ‘Yeah I know, I know where the money’s coming from,’ and we can make sure that we can supply some more meals to our seniors.”

Paula L. Calvert – CEO, Family Service – Upper Ohio Valley

”The foundation this festival is, you know, rooted in being able to do good things, plus provide a really, really good festival for Wheeling and people seem to really appreciate that. That’s always been a part of our mission statement, is, you know, we’re going to bring West Virginia Craft Beer up here, but we’re also going to get back to charities.”

Jeff Hayes – President/Founder, Mountaineer Brewfest

The committee selected Family Service out of the most applications they have ever had. 

They say for year 10 next year, they have some big things planned. The committee reviews applications from February 1st to the end of March.