UPDATE: OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Three firefighters were sent to the hospital in Wheeling early Tuesday morning after they were injured.

Wheeling officials say crews responded to an electrical fire at 2141 Market Street around 1 AM.

According to officials, an electrical line fell on the roof of the building catching the roof on fire.

While fighting the fire, two Wheeling firefighters were shocked by downed lines.

A third firefighter fell from what officials say ‘treacherous conditions.”

Officials say they were able to contain the roof fire and the building is not a total loss.

The there firefighters will be ‘okay’ according to fire officials.

Wheeling Police put out a list of areas with no power and storm damage that includes:

  • Downtown
  • South End of Wheeling Island
  • Elm Grove
  • Oakmont
  • Pleasanton
  • Parts of Woodsdale/ Edgewood
  • Clator
  • North Wheeling
  • East Wheeling
  • South Wheeling
  • Center Wheeling

Ohio County EMA Director Lou Vargo says all city and county offices are closed Tuesday because downtown Wheeling remains without power.

He says to avoid Route 2 in Ohio County which is closed in both directions following a primary power line across the road.

In Wheeling, the 16th Street exit ramp is closed after a power line fell around 5 AM.

Wheeling Hospital is running on a generator.

Vargo tells 7NEWS that a fire also happened overnight, injuring three firefighters.

The fire was located at 1041 Market Street

PREVIOUS: OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — The Ohio County Sheriff’s Department is responding to down trees and powerlines, “everywhere,”, especially on the backroads.

EMA Director Lou Vargo warns drivers, “please be careful” and be aware, as the roads are not safe this morning.

Powerlines are down county-wide.

Down trees throughout Woodsdale

Ohio County is facing about 15,000 houses without power from the storms Monday night – to early Tuesday hours. That is 60 percent of the county without power.

I-70 without power in Ohio County

At 5 AM, I-70 was in the dark passing through the county and so was most of downtown Wheeling.

In Belmont County, with 10,000 outages showing, the Ohio State Highway Patrol says they are not responding to anything major at this time.

Stay with us for updates.